Format : Animated series 20 x 5’

Target audience : Adult

Technique : 2D Animation

Genre : Gory, comedy

Co-production : Andarta Pictures and Deadliners Production

Status : Broadcast since November 3th, 2023 on France Télévision SLASH

« Gustave falls in the trashy genre. It’s irreverent, violent, exhilarating, and a hilarity-supply that lets grownup kids blow off steam. Gustave is anything but subtle! »

Gustave is a clumsy and naïve duck. And for him, daily life is a long cascade of one set of thrills and spills after another. But his life changes the day he meets nicely-spicy Jessyfer. Unfortunately for him, he has the awful habit of taking the advice of Pedro, his elephant roommate, a real specialist in bad decisions, the king of mucked-up situations. But Gustave is an optimist, and each adventure always turns out to be an opportunity for him to see the bright side of things.