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An explosive adventure awaits!

A series coproduced with Melting Production, Squarefish and Tchack, available on Canal+ since February 10th, 2024.

Get ready for an epic adventure where muscles, power, and combat take center stage with "Lisa & Kolos," the animated series that will immerse you in a whirlwind of action and emotions. With such a captivating synopsis, this series promises to be a real favorite for both young and old alike.

Kolos, a warrior from the school of muscle, finds himself embroiled in a Machiavellian plan hatched by his worst enemies, Zardos and Bidule. Suddenly, he is thrust into a surprising world, Tchoukikiss, where hugs, love, and joy reign supreme, far from his usual environment. For Kolos, it's the worst nightmare imaginable. But fortunately, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of Lisa, a fellow unfortunate soul ready to help him return home.

Together, Lisa and Kolos embark on an incredible quest to the land of rainbows, where the mysterious Queen of Pony Unicorns lives. There, Kolos will make the wish to find his way back home. However, their journey is fraught with obstacles, as Zardos and Bidule have also landed in this strange world, ready to do anything to thwart Kolos and Lisa's plans.

With thrilling twists at every turn, "Lisa & Kolos" promises a visually stunning and narrative experience like no other. Under the talented direction of Florent Guimberteau and Irwin Fustec, this series will captivate viewers with its unique blend of action, humor, and adventure.

We are deeply grateful to our partners and supporters, including the CNC, PROCIREP-ANGOA and the Drôme department, who have made this exceptional series possible.

Don't miss the grand debut of "Lisa & Kolos" on Canal+, a series that will transport you to a fantastic world where friendship triumphs over all adversity.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Lisa, Kolos, and their friends!


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