And… cut! The teaser for Baïdir is a wrap!

Eleven years after the first trailer was released, Baïdir gets an overhaul in a brand new teaser produced by Andarta Pictures.

The first Baïdir trailer was posted to Vimeo on June 25, 2009. Slimane Aniss (one of the series’ creators) posted it for his live presentation at the Annecy festival. Now, eleven years later, after a successful Kickstarter fundraiser, Baïdir is getting a makeover with a brand new teaser! Fleshed out, updated, and enriched, the adventures of Baïdir and Nayah have evolved. Andarta Pictures is now ready to present the project to potential broadcasters and investors in upcoming professional events. Hopefully production of a pilot episode and a first season can begin soon.

Baïdir has been such a huge part of my life. It’s the kind of project that you can’t resign yourself to shelving,” says Slimane Aniss, co-author and director of the series. “I hope that through his quest, Baïdir will help us to make our world better, a more pleasant place to live, and more focused on what is really important,” he added.

After racking up nearly 150,000 original hits as well as 775,000 hits for extracts shared on social medial during the Kickstarter campaign, Andarta Pictures’ new production is ready to beat all records!

Check out the teaser here :