Burr & Chestnut

Format : Animated series 26 x 13’

Target audience : 6 - 10 years old

Technique : 2D Puppet Animation

Genre : Comedy, adventure

Production : Andarta Pictures

Status : in development

Discover the forest as you've never seen it before!

In the macroscopic universe of a forest, one bristly chestnut burr and one smooth chestnut set out on an epic road trip to return to their Chestnut Tree and accomplish the ultimate seed destiny: becoming a tree.

Weekend hikers, be warned: this is no Sunday stroll in the park!

Neither squirrel claws, nor mud, nor toad slime will deter the sisters from staying on their path. Our two heroines will quickly realise that discovering the world happens far from one’s roots.

2023 08 SITE BEC VIGNETTE 1 miniature
2023 08 SITE BEC VIGNETTE 2 miniature

With the support of Procirep, Angoa and CNC.


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